Self-Congratulatory CSP Cartoon before #Safety2016 -

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Self-Congratulatory CSP Cartoon before #Safety2016

To regain my sense of self and creativity, I decided to draw a congratulatory manga about passing the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) exam last week. 

Here's the pencil sketch version:

Pencil sketch of "Industrious Hygienist vs. CSP Exam"

Here's the fully inked version:

Ink (black and white) version of "Industrious Hygienist vs. CSP Exam"

I'm particularly proud of the left hand middle panel ("Just freaking relax already!") because the ink work turned out really crisp and it has a lot of emotion.

Below is the full color version of the manga, with Safety 2016 (#Safety2016) coloring on the right-hand side, since that is the next "beast" I plan to conquer.

Full color version of "Industrious Hygienist vs. CSP" - See you at Safety 2016!

My colleague/friend/mentor also brought me some lovely flowers in celebration of passing the CSP exam, so I thought I would showcase her creativity and kindness as well.

Flowers with card: Creative, Smart, Perfection. 

Check out my previous blog post for my plans while attending #Safety2016 in Atlanta.

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