Plans for #Safety2016 in Atlanta -

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Plans for #Safety2016 in Atlanta

Now that the CSP Beast has been conquered, I'm making my plans for #Safety2016 in Atlanta. Safety 2016 is the professional development conference and exhibition for the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Here's the tentative schedule of events for the Industrious Hygienist:

Saturday - June 25, 2016

Sunday - June 26, 2016

Attend the ASSE House of Delegates as the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty proxy.
Attend ASSE Region II party!

Monday - June 27, 2016

Session 518: Safety Excellence - The Big 5 at L'Oreal 
Session 543: Revolutionizing Risk Assessments - Oh My, Oh My, Bowties!
Session 566: A Federal OSHA Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Inspection & Citation
Session 580: Making the Fall Protection System Fit the Workplace

Tuesday - June 28, 2016

Session 605: Practicing Emergency Preparedness - The Key to a Successful Failure
Session 634: Laboratory Safety
Session 665: 3 A's of Ninja Awesomeness - Ninja-Style Back Safety and Injury Prevention

Wednesday - June 29, 2016

Session 707: Beyond the OSHA Log - Safety Management Systems for Healthcare
Session 744: How ISO 45001 Will Drive Business Excellence
Session 769: Remember the Ladies - Gender Equity for OSH Programs*

Join the Industrious Hygienist at #Safety2016

Session #769 is highlighted and underlined because I am co-presenting this session with Dr. Ilise Feitshans. We have an engaging presentation planned that will discuss the concept of gender equity and how it can be integrated into occupational safety and health programs.

Our session is being sponsored by Chubb (thank you!), the Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) Common Interest Group (thank you!), and the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty (thank you!).

Piper Pangolin is also coming to the conference, and we'll be roaming the expo hall for more interesting things to showcase in our Safety 2016 recap video. Last year's recap video was fun to make and will show you what to expect at Safety 2016.

A PPE vending machine at Safety 2015.

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