Support the Visual Arts in Prescott - Milagro Arts Center -

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Support the Visual Arts in Prescott - Milagro Arts Center

Courtesy of our business membership in Local First Arizona, I just learned about an exciting visual arts center opening in Prescott - the Milagro Arts Center. They have a Kickstarter campaign open until January 30, 2016. 

You can learn more about the plans for the arts center at the Milagro Arts Center blog

Since the Spore Consulting, LLC "Commensal Fund" is a bit dry this year, we're being selective about the charities and non-profit organizations we support with 10% of our profits. We just signed up as an official backer ($75) of the Milagro Arts Center Kickstarter Project! We're looking forward to receiving our supporting membership (and t-shirt) when the project is fully funded.

If you scroll down on the Kickstarter information page for Milagro Arts Center, you'll see their "What We Believe" statements and the "Milagro Manifesto." Some of the statements of Milagro's "What We Believe" resonate with what we believe at Spore Consulting:

  • #1 - We believe that art makes our lives better.
  • #2 - We believe that curiosity, creativity and innovation shape the world.
  • #3 - We believe in being respectful, humble and kind.
  • #5 - We believe in attention to detail.
  • #6 - We believe in finding the balance between the heart and the head.
  • #9 - We believe that everyone is an artist.
  • #14 - We believe in building safe supportive spaces to take creative risks, to collaborate and inspire.

If these statements also resonate with you, and you want to support the creative arts in Northern Arizona, please join us and become an official backer of the Milagro Arts Center! 

In the vein of visual arts, here's one of our latest pieces of art to end the year - this is Jamie the selkie (as a seal) and his sister Fiona, from The Secret of Roan Inish (1994).

Fiona and Jamie the selkie from "The Secret of Roan Inish" (1994).

Some of the other charities and non-profit organizations we've supported over the last 12 months with 10% of our profits are:

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