New OSHA Fact Sheet - PPE Selection Matrix for Ebola -

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

New OSHA Fact Sheet - PPE Selection Matrix for Ebola

I'm excited to share an image of the new OSHA Fact Sheet entitled "PPE Selection Matrix for Occupational Exposure to Ebola Virus." My last blog post showed the process for donning and doffing PPE in support of the CDC Guidelines, and starred my team at Sock Puppet Safety.

The Fact Sheet details the recommended PPE based on a variety of occupational exposure scenarios:
  • conducting normal work activities
  • casual interaction (outside of a health care setting)
  • providing medical and supportive care
  • conducting clinical laboratory work
  • conducting research laboratory work
  • handling dead bodies
  • cleaning and disinfecting environments
  • performing maintenance work
  • handling, transporting, and disposing of waste

An image of the PPE selection matrix is shown below - it looks a bit daunting until you see how it is separated out by task.
OSHA's PPE Selection Matrix for Occupational Exposure to Ebola Virus.

So, for a task like handling, transporting, treating, and disposing of waste that is suspected or known to have Ebola Virus contamination (considered Category A waste by the U.S. Department of Transportation), the following PPE is recommended according to the selection matrix:

  • Typical precautions/PPE normally used for the work task
  • Dedicated clothing (uniforms/scrubs/shoes)
  • Gloves, double (nitrile + heavy duty + puncture-resistant)
  • Face mask (e.g., surgical mask)
  • Face and eye protection (e.g., shield/goggles)
  • Fluid-resistant gown
  • Fluid-resistant coveralls
  • Fluid-resistant shoe and boot covers high enough to cover lower leg

The list above is the kind of PPE that would be worn by environmental services workers or waste collection workers in hospitals and other settings, as well as DOT-permitted waste disposal and collection company workers. 

Thanks to OSHA for providing such a useful resource!

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