Susan Harwood Grant Recipients for 2013 -

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Susan Harwood Grant Recipients for 2013

As of September 16, 2013, OSHA has announced the latest round of Susan Harwood Training Grant recipients. OSHA awarded $10.1 million to the various recipients. There's a few that the Industrious Hygienist is really excited about.

From the "targeted topic" list of recipients:

Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, Sitka, AK
Ergonomics, award of $105,300
"The grantee will deliver training on ergonomic hazards for workers in the commercial fishing and fish processing industry. The goal is to educate workers on the basics of ergonomics including assessing ergonomic hazards in the workplace, redesigning work space for improved ergonomics, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and exercises for preventing and relieving symptoms associated with MSDs. Training will be offered in English, Spanish and Vietnamese."

Why am I excited? The ergonomics recommendations will be focused on the commercial fishing industry, and Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA) seems to have excellent outreach to their target population. Their website is informational and well-organized.
Plus, I have an Alaskan Malamute, so our household is a fan of many Alaska-related things. 

National Jewish Health, Denver, CO
Multiple Topics, award of $105,300
"The grantee will develop and deliver training on multiple topics to automotive industry workers. The training will cover hazards to which automotive repair workers, mechanics and technicians can be exposed to in certain jobs including crystalline silica, asbestos, lead, hexavalent chromium and physical hazards that can cause respiratory disease, neurologic problems, skin disorders, allergies, cancer, hearing loss, eye injuries, and ergonomic injuries."

Why am I excited? National Jewish Health has been rated the leading respiratory hospital in the nation. Their mantra of "Science Transforming Life" is at the core of their research activities, which encompass aspects of mycobacteria, environmental health, occupational health, and allergens, all things which are near and dear to the Industrious Hygienist's heart. Interesting note: National Jewish Health first opened in 1899 as a tuberculosis sanitorium. 

Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, Dorchester, MA
Work Place Violence, award of $104,196
"The grantee will offer work place violence training for young workers and small businesses employing youth. Training will include an introduction to hazard identification and control; worker rights and responsibilities; and the identification and mitigation of work place violence in the retail and healthcare settings. Training activities will utilize participatory learning methods including interactive discussion, case studies, and role playing."

Why am I excited? The MassCOSH group seems to be extensively collaborative and holds a leadership academy for teen workers to promote job safety. Some of their core initiatives are: "Healthy Schools Initiative," "Immigrant Worker Center," "Teens Lead At Work," and a focus on union education and organization. They have articles, reports, and fact sheets from their educational findings. 

In the "capacity building developmental grant" list of recipients:

Board of Regents of UW System for Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Safety and Ergonomics Follow-On, award of $148,400
"The grantee will provide training on safety and ergonomics to small utility employees and contractors. The training will target small businesses, non-English speaking/limited English proficiency, minority and other hard to reach workers. The grantee will also develop training materials for employees in the green/renewable power-generation (solar, wind and biofuel) sector in English and Spanish."

Why am I excited? The green/renewable power generation sector needs training and hazard assessments for the work being conducted at the generating sites. 

SEIU Education and Support Fund, Washington, DC
Health Care Industry, award of $177,250
"The grantee will present training to workers employed in the home care, nursing home, and hospital sectors of the health care industry. The target audience will include non-English speaking/limited English proficiency, non-literate and low literacy workers, immigrant and minority workers. The grantee will develop and present a Hazard Communication (HazCom) course in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian."

Why am I excited? Healthcare health and safety is my specialty, and since OSHA announced its National Emphasis Program on Nursing Homes and Personal Care Facilities in April 2012, I've been hoping for someone to develop this kind of training.

Thanks to OSHA for offering the Susan Harwood Training Grants. 

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