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Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Manga! Re-branding The Industrious Hygienist

Hiyo, loyal readers! Per the request of several of you, I bring you a new manga of the Industrious Hygienist. I haven't had a chance to learn my Anime Studio software or Bamboo Splash tablet yet, so this one is old-fashioned, hand-drawn goodness. 

I was going for spunky, but she turned out a little sassy. :)

The Industrious Hygienist - latest character art (manga) for rebranding!
Hope you like it - next time I get another four to six hours of free time, I'll draw another action-oriented and funny manga. This one only took about three hours. I'm trying to re-brand the Industrious Hygienist into the hero of the manga rather than the "person who things happen to" in the manga. As always, eternal thanks to Hiromu Arakawa for creating Fullmetal Alchemist and the style of manga I imitate. Wish me luck!

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