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Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Improve Mental Health and Safety in the Workplace

I'm a sucker for cartoons, that's no secret, so I liked the presentation of this video from the Mental Health Commission of Canada about workplace health and safety.

At the end of the video, they challenge you to "Lead the Way. Start Today."

Be a champion for workplace mental health and safety - Mental Health Commission of Canada.

My key take-aways from the video are:

Here's what workplaces can do to improve the overall psychological health and safety of their workers (therefore making work a more pleasant place to be), adapted from the video above and from the voluntary standard.

  1. Review the standard and commit to it as an organization.
  2. Identify a CHAMPION for your workplace, who will take charge of your company's commitment (in the video, this person wears a cape as if they are a superhero).
  3. Identify gaps in your organization's existing framework - actively involve employees at all levels in this process.
  4. Develop a policy statement around workplace psychological health and safety.
  5. Communicate this statement and what it means to all employees.
  6. Use other tools at your disposal:
    - Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Plan for Employers
    - Mental Health First Aid
  7. Commit to good mental health and contribute to the economic prosperity of your country.
Canada's Mental Health First Aid program includes information about recognizing drug use, alcoholism, depression, adult trauma, and panic attacks. 

Having an effective  workplace mental health and safety program will help do the following:

Prevent mental injury, reduce psychological risk, and promote good mental health.

The Industrious Hygienist is choosing to be a champion of workplace mental health and safety. I'll be going through the voluntary standard, employer action plan, and mental health first aid handouts and explaining how these can be implemented in a workplace. The U.S. is still rolling out their Mental Health First Aid course and programs - it doesn't have the same kind of traction that the Canadian program seems to have. 

Learn more and become your workplace's mental health and safety champion today!

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