Valen from Breath and Bone by Carol Berg -

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valen from Breath and Bone by Carol Berg

Last weekend, I found myself procrastinating the completion of my second round of edits on my master's applied project (like a thesis, only better!), and drew a bunch of pictures instead. Go figure.

Some of them are mangas to be used in a YouTube book advertisement for Master of Emotion by D. Ogden Huff. I have completed 6 of the 10 planned scenes from the book so far. Note: It takes me 4 to 6 hours per drawing, so this is a decent accomplishment over the last 3 weekends. The last 4 scenes are roughly penciled out, but need to be finalized, inked, and then colored. I will post when the book advertisement is up on YouTube.

BUT...I was still feeling weirdly unsatisfied (from an artistic frenzy standpoint) when I finished the Master of Emotion mangas.

So I drew my favorite character from Carol Berg's Lighthouse Duet (Flesh and Spirit + Breath and Bone).

Meet Valen (as I imagine him):

a.k.a Magnus Valentia de Cartamandua-Celestine
I will have the opportunity to attend Ms. Berg's book signing this Saturday at The Reader's Cove in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am thrilled to be able to meet her and buy my copy of The Daemon Prism, her latest work. Since I discovered the Rai-Kirah novels in 2004, I have been a dedicated fan of her writing, world-building, and excellent characterization.

So wish me luck in Colorado, and look for more mangas in February. I hope you like my rendition of Valen.

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