Sometimes I miss my rabbits -

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes I miss my rabbits

Okay, I lied, I miss them all the time. I keep looking at the cage and it takes me a second to realize I am down to 2 rabbits from the 5 I used to have. So in loving memory...

Pebblesaurus Rex, a Mini Rex (softest fur in the world) - died 2/2011 at 8 years old

Cocoa Rex, the sister to Pebbles Rex - died 1/2010 at 7 years old

Miss Peanut, a rescue from California - died 11/2011 at unknown age, but estimated to be 8 years
Miss Precious (gray) and Mr. Scrap (black, and the sister to Precious), Dutch rabbits - still alive and well at 6.5 years!

Cocoa and Pebbles both died around Martin Luther King Jr Day, hence the timing for the post. And no, Shadow did not eat any of the bunnies - they all died of natural causes/old age. Rabbits are the greatest pets!

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