The reason for the LONG break between posts... -

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The reason for the LONG break between posts...

I spent the last few months studying for the CIH exam. I took it on November 16, 2011. The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) set the passing score for the exam at 68.6% and I scored a 66.3%. I only scored a 60% in Spring 2011, so yay for improvement! But I need to get that extra few points and my studying needs to take a different approach.

Topics that need some love:
- Air Sampling and Instrumentation
- Community Exposure
- Work Environment and Industrial Processes
- Ergonomics
- Thermal Stressors
- Management
- Toxicology

I have decided to take the Bowen EHS CIH online review course to give me that extra edge. :) All month, I have been receiving emails from other participants in the Bowen EHS Premium Membership/Resource Center, saying that they passed the test thanks to Russ Bowen's fantastic review course.

In addition to that, I plan to draw mangas about the topics I seem to have issues with, and I started this weekend. Please enjoy The Industrious Hygienist: "The Noise Source - Part One" below.

So wish me luck, and watch for many more mangas!

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